Music: Stalk
by Dror Ben Nathan


Music: Birds Requiem by Dhafer Youssef


Music: Swan Lake is Stormy by Dror Ben Nathan


Music: Time Zone by Dror Ben Nathan


Music: Private Jungle by Dror Ben Nathan


Music: Lost by PHAXE & MORTEM


Music: Charlie by N'TO


Music: Chilli by Dror Ben Nathan

EDNA (Exhibition)

Music: Pearls by Dror Ben Nathan

VARDA (Exhibition)

Music: A Walk Along The Pier by Dror Ben Nathan


Music: Adagio For Square
by Worakls


Music: Sweet Disposition
by Temper Trap


Music: Cold Little Heart
by Michael Kiwanuka


Music: Karmacoma
by Massive Attack


Music: My Name is Itzik
by PopLex


Music: Go Your Own Way
by Lissie


Music: Somewhere Only We Know by Lily Allen


Music: Anybody Out There
by Pink Floyd

About me & my Art process

My name is Drorit Kaplan, welcome to my website.

I have worked in high-profile design management positions for about 25 years. In the face of the worldwide Covid-19 crisis, I decided to quit the race and reroute my life in a more meaningful direction. It was a meditative experience for me to begin painting on the digital board and immediately be drawn into the magical world of portraits.

By painting from scratch, I make the portrait come to life (no picture rendering involved). Moreover, I perceive it as an engaging interactive colorful journey, starting with abstract and concluding with a realistic portrait. The portraits became more complex over time, so I began editing them as videos that included all the layers of the development of the painting, creating interactive works of art.

As a result, the viewer is able to display a live portrait on a digital touch screen as a unique piece of video art as well as a normal image by touching the screen and stopping it. Depending on which layer the video touches and freezes, there will be dozens of different portraits of that person contained within each video.

With the help of color, sound, and movement, I hope to create a work of art that is unique and makes a lasting impression.