Portrait of
the soul

“Layering Portrait” captures your soul, the essence of you, layer by layer.

It is Digital Painting presented as an immersive Video Art clip, showcasing a creative journey while in motion accompanied by a slow and captivating ceaseless change of the portrait. To make the experience whole, music is carefully chosen to create the right atmosphere for this unique piece of art, which is 1.5 minutes in length and has been drawn and edited by the artist Drorit Kaplan.

The art can be displayed as an endless mesmerizing video loop or as a single picture when touched on the screen. It is sold in and along with a 21″ Digital Touchscreen framed and ready to be hung on the wall. The Screen suitable for displaying digital art + For more technical details…

so by tapping the screen, you can choose
which layer best fits the moment

Some Of my Work

Click for full movie & sound


Music: Stalk
by Dror Ben Nathan


Music: Birds Requiem by Dhafer Youssef


Music: Swan Lake is Stormy by Dror Ben Nathan


Music: Time Zone by Dror Ben Nathan

The names of the Great Ones 7

illustration week TLV // The names of the Great Ones 7 // Drorit Kaplan // Curator: Hagit Peleg Rotem. One building in Jaffa, built 7 years ago, is at the center of a video art exhibition during Illustration Week. In the exhibition “Shem HaGedolim 7” (The names of the Great Ones 7), Drorit Kaplan presents […]
Drorit the champion! What a masterpiece you have created.My portrait is just wonderful and exciting. It was worth every penny. Thank you very much!
Sharon Shirazi
Tel Aviv. Israel
This is such a special and different creation, I received the most wonderful gift possible!It hangs at my home and every time I choose a different face of mine depends on my mood .. 🙂
Nadia Gorenstain
Tel Aviv. Israel
Drorit the artist. Thank you so much for giving me this year an exciting and special birthday present. Watching again and again and each time getting excited again.
Anat Mizrachi
Raanana. Israel
I was really surprised to find out what my video portrait looks like. I actually became a “work of art”…. 🙂 It is definitely an extraordinary and very exciting experience!
Varda Aurbach
Tel Aviv. Israel
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