My Exhibition – The Name of the Great Ones / 7

About the exhibition:

The title of the exhibition is based on my residential address in Jaffa – a new building built in the heart of the Givat Aliya neighborhood, 10 Arab and Jewish families setteled down in a new building in south Jaffa 6 years ago. Together they create a mosaic-portrait of the people of Jaffa – ordinary people, diverse but equal.

The name of the street raises questions – who are “The Great Ones”, and what are their names? I look at my neighbors and want to present them as great people – each man in his own right. The exhibition got its name inspired by the pompousness of the inscription, and it illuminates the name of the Jaffa Street with a degree of irony.

“The Name of the Great Ones/7” echoes the ability of a portrait to turn any person into a “great person” – to stay in front of a portrait of an ordinary person and being interest in his character, as a result, raises questions about legends and stories versus life itself.

“Name of the Great Ones 7” is an exhibition of digital portraits of the building’s residents, representing a mosaic that crosses age, gender and religions of ordinary people. Against the background of the tension that erupts in Jaffa from time to time, and more recently, human relations and neighborhood are becoming even more important.